created and performed by Jim Sands

Hockey meets Shakespeare for a
rock 'em, sock 'em theatrical experience


“If you’re too tired to skate, I always say, then you can still crawl.
And crawling back is better than not coming back at all.”
                                                                                                                                                      - Charlie Sands 

Hockey, Shakespeare and the magic of the puck unite in this solo theatrical presentation. Using music, storytelling and acting Jim weaves a tale about his love of Shakespeare, his father’s love of hockey and how he learned an important lesson in forgiveness by exploring the hockey career of an uncle he never met -- Charlie Sands, a smooth skating right-winger who played during the ‘30s and ‘40s for the Leafs, Bruins and Habs.

  • “An appealing hour of rambling storytelling with some nice guitar work at either end. Charlie's legend is well-served by his nephew’s gentle patter about the glory days of the NHL.” [Peter Birnie, Vancouver Sun] 
  • “A human story about relationships and perseverance and family and mistakes and triumphs.” [Danielle Benzon, Plank Magazine]
  • “Deep within the pores of this utterly human, warm and humorous performance, Charlie: A Hockey Story captures the soul of our nation.” [John Sbragia, Audience Comment]
  • “Shines with song, script and performance.” [Sid Chow Tan, Independent Media Producer]
  • “Jim hits his mark many a time revealing some painful truths about the complex stormy relationship with his father.” [Jay Hamburger, Artistic Director, Theatre in the Raw]
  • “Jim Sands scores!  Definitely worth taking in the game! A winner.” [Terry Hunter, Vancouver Moving Theatre]

Jim Sands is an East Vancouver based storyteller, actor, songwriter, musician and occasional clown who has performed both as a solo artist and with a variety of musical groups. He has appeared as an actor and storyteller in plays and events such as the Downtown Eastside Romeo and Juliet, the Alice in Wonderland Festival, Heart of a City Festival and We Are the People! During the 2010 Vancouver International Fringe Festival he performed in the clown revue, A Savage Birthday.


CHARLIE ON TWITTER: @charliefringe